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Secured, Trade, Earn Cryptocurrency

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Store your crypto in a secure ethereum wallet

Trade Peer-to-Peer Completely Decentralized

Exchange your ether to erc20 tokens easily as we implement WETH

Using the 0x protocol we ease your access to the markets of the future


Trade Peer-to-Peer Completely Decentralized

Trustless Exchange

Using the power of the inmutable blockchain.

Security First Dapp

Protected by a smart design and powerful encryption.

Excellent Mobile Experience

Ease of access through top UI/UX

ERC20 compliant bridge to Ether thorugh WETH wrappers

Allowing free flow of tokens.




Our Professional Team

Each of our members bringing a strong knowledge base to the table.
Pablo Gonzalez
President / CEO
Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo has been in entrepreneurial projects for over 10 years and has created businesses that range from starting a company with 4 employees and growing it to over 4 thousand employees in 4 years, builder of brands that sold internationally.

Fernando Jiménez
IT Operations
Fernando Jiménez

Curious, self-learner, with a long background on IT Operations, DevOps and Crypto fan, involved with EOS CR an Open Source Organization leading the way for ChainCode based software in Costa Rica, always flowing to adapt and overcome new challenges in the ever expanding Blockchain Universe and the greater pattern of Decentralization.

Ronald Rojas
Financial Advisor
Ronald Rojas

Ronald is a seasoned Finacial Advisor, with strong knowledge of public accounting, with sucesss storys like University of GA, different banking institutions like BICSA and others.

Mauricio Lara
Mauricio Lara

Mauricio is a Costa Rican attorney and a member of both the Costa Rican Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He is also a Certified Financial Crimes Specialist by the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialist ( a leading authority in compliance and financial regulation. He is a member and partner of InterTax a legal and accounting services firm with offices in Weston, Brickell and Orlando, FL and San José, Costa Rica and has been advising crypto businesses since early 2014. Mauricio has been invited as a speaker to multiple conferences regarding banking, digital payments, cryptocurrencies and regulation for crypto related businesses and compliance in Costa Rica and the US. His paper “The Last Decade of Cash” was presented in October of 2014 at the International Information Technology Forum held in San José, Costa Rica by the Costa Rican Bar Association.

Salomon Ocon
Operations Manager
Salomon Ocon

With over 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, operations, and decision analysis, Sal has the breadth and experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions. Sal has been involved in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry in depth and has been working side by side with some of the industries greatest leading names. Launching Genesis Exchange at the biggest event in the crypto scene, he continues to work and deliver results for the evolution of the cryptocurrency world.

James Jara
CTO / Lead Developer
James Jara

James has worked in the cryptocurrency industry since 2009 on several startups, as lead developer in a wide portfolio; from wallets, exchanges, Fintech and security for mobile apps. He has implemented complex cryptocurrency architectures that make million dollar transactions on a daily basis, with the highest security standards in the industry. James is one of Costa Rica's biggest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency developers and has spoken at many international conferences like DEFCON and BlackHat, imparting his knowledge in the industry as he continues to grow.